Menifee Short Sales that Sold

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325 Short Sales sold in 2009

504 Short Sales sold in 2010

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January 2011

 (January closings:  25 SHORT sales/23 STANDARD sales/62 BANK OWNED sales)


February 2011

 (February closings:  30 SHORT sales/40 STANDARD sales/58 BANK OWNED sales) 


March 2011

 (March closings:  36 SHORT sales/64 STANDARD sales/63 BANK OWNED sales) 


 April 2011

 (April closings:  31 SHORT sales/56 STANDARD sales/59 BANK OWNED sales) 


 May 2011

 (May closings:  51 SHORT sales/59 STANDARD sales/56 BANK OWNED sales) 


June 2011

(June closings:  35 SHORT sales/64 STANDARD sales/66 BANK OWNED sales) 


July 2011

(July closings:  34 SHORT sales/57 STANDARD sales/48 BANK OWNED sales)


August 2011

(August closings:  37 SHORT sales/74 STANDARD sales/42 BANK OWNED sales) 



September 2011

October 2011

November 2011

December 2011