Download a Rental Application



1.   Rental Application - everyone over 18 must fill one out

2.   Copy of Driver's License - everyone over 18

3.   Copies of last two paycheck stubs (if self-employed we need first two pages of tax returns from last two years)

4.   Copies of last two bank statements

5.   Copies of your current credit report, if you have. (Not more than 30 days old.)

6.   $30 application fee for each application (2 adult tenants = $60.00) Cashier's Check or Money Order made payable to:  Menifee Property Management   (If you have a current credit report WITH the credit score, you will not need to pay the $30 application fee up front.  If you get "pre-approved" for the rental, a $30 application fee for each applicant will be required at that time for a full tri-merge credit report with a background check and eviction history.)



Renters Rights - Foreclosure (an article found at - Menifee Valley Rentals - MLS details

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