RE/MAX Diamond Realty specializes in Short Sales AND in the leasing of pre-foreclosure and short sale homes. 

The big benefit to Short Selling your house is that you will be able to purchase another home again sooner than if you let it go to foreclosure, and also make sure that any secondary liens will go away.  Another benefit, which no other company offers in Menifee, is that we can find short term renters for your pre-foreclosure property!

WE FIND TEMPORARY RENTERS to rent our vacant Short Sale properties (for a reduced rental amount) while we trudge through the Short Sale process.  We are able to effectively do this as we also have a full service Property Management division, and capture many renters through our website

Although not everyone is interested in the unknown time frame of a short sale rental, we have always been able to find great short term renters for our properties, families who are interested in saving money each month on a great rental.

Since YOU are the OWNERS of the property until the Trustee Sale, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to rent out your property, as long as everything is disclosed to the Renters.  I was a Paralegal and the Controller for a Law Firm in Orange County for 16 years prior to becoming a Realtor, so it was very important for me to research and verify this with the California Association of Realtors staff of Attorneys before our Real Estate office started offering this unique program.

We NEVER charge anything up front, and offer flat fees for all of our services.  An $800 flat fee is paid from the first month’s rent received, for the initial leasing of the property.  Then starting month #2, we charge $95 per month for managing the property.  When escrow closes on the SHORT SALE, we will refund to you ALL of the Leasing and Property Management fees you were charged.

Our unique Short Sale Program benefits everyone:

1.      You receive a little extra income over the period of 2-4 months, to help you through these trying times (Rental rates average between $800-$1200 per month – depending on the condition)

2.      The short term renter saves money on the reduced rent

3.      The landscape is maintained -  benefitting the neighborhood

4.      The property remains safe and in good condition – benefitting the bank & your neighbors

5.      The potential buyer benefits from a well kept property

Please let us know if you would like more information about our special program – time is of the essence!

We are honest, hard working, highly regarded in the community and very active in the Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce and the City of Menifee.  Most importantly…. We Care! We would be happy to provide you with references of both Owners and Renters we have helped through this special program.

Please call Cynthia at (951) 259-9019 anytime, day or night, if you have any questions.